SEOW includes several tools that are useful for SEOW administrators and campaign designers. Each of these tools operates independently of each other, and also independently of any active campaigns.

    Map Information Tool
        A listing of all map sectors supported by SEOW, their quality ratings, and their relationships to the IL-2 Full Mision Builder (FMB).

    Team Selection Tool
        A simple tool for randomly dividing a list of names into two equal teams.

    Technics Processor Tool (Firefox required)
        A tool for reading and displaying gunnery, armour and movement parameters defined in an IL-2 technics.ini file.

    Template Merger Tool
        A tool for merging two separate SEOW campaign template files into one.

    Meta-SEOW Dynamic Map Generator Tool
        A GUI tool for constructing meta-map directives and commencing map generation.


Scorched Earth Online War
SEOW Mission Planner v7.3.46